Zoogen DNA Services

The first to offer animal DNA testing directly to the public, Zoogen has a long history of providing innovative DNA-based sex identification services for birds, as well as custom DNA genotyping, identity and parentage testing for all kinds of mammals. Zoogen is proud to say it has eliminated the need for risky and cruel surgical procedures that were traditionally used in bird sexing.

The Zoogen Lab was also first to develop the DNA profiling standard for dogs used today for pedigree verification services by the American Kennel Club and other dog registries across the United States. Zoogen customers include veterinarians, some of the largest zoos and wild animal parks, rescue and conservation groups, large and small-scale breeders, as well as the general public.


Zoogen DNA Services
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1046 Olive Drive, Ste. A
Davis, CA  95616

Tel. 530.750.5757 
Toll Free Tel: 800.995.2473
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Email: zoogenservices@yahoo.com

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